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Meet BostnMike


2022 was in many ways what I always imagined the perfect blend of personal and my career success. 


Sure there were challenges (we all have 'em) but by and large, firing on all cylinders.  Taking on incredible challenges, rising to the occasion, and delivering results that astonished all who were involved.  

And then on Dec 30th, 2022... I sneezed, and things changed.... fast...

I'm not a life coach, I'm just a guy who loves his family very much with a burning passion to entertain, and most of all, I thrive when I'm helping people develop and exceed their full potential.  Thus, my career in corporate enablement.

I was born 50 years and 3 minutes after my namesake, my grandfather, Mike Armento.  Who lived by the adage:  "Be ashamed to die before you've done something for humanity."  And I assure you, he has no reason for shame.  Quite the contrary, he left shoe prints the size of the Grand Canyon to fill...

And so, I will do my best to follow his lead... So, let's get started...

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